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I'm not going crazy! Time doesn't stand still in the world of retail....in fact, looking at some retailers, I am running way behind!

Calendars, this is what I am talking about. Mine are now ready, in fact they have been ready for months! This year I opted for something a little different, rather than being completely designed and made by myself, I have got them printed, giving them a more professional look to them. Gone for two designs this year, both A5 desk calendars - one 'Sights of the Malverns' and the other, 'Landscapes and Still Life'. They showcase a picture per month, with room to write the odd reminder. They would make a perfect gift, comes complete with a card envelope, ideal to post, or just to wrap.

Getting them produced early, allowed a better cost, but unknown at the time was that the May Day bank holiday was to change! Being just a small hobbyist, I certainly could not cover the cost of a reprint, like many of the larger retailers. I still will be selling them, with a slightly reduced price, and with a note included, stating the change of date - fortunately it is only one date!

They will be available to buy from my next craft fair, 31st August at the Lyttelton Halls, Malvern. See you there!

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