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Updated: Dec 20, 2020

So along with new branding for 2020, I also have new and upgraded products in the pipeline. Starting with upgrading my cards. I have been working with the current format for a couple of years, and I wanted a change, a refresh. Looking at different ideas and formats, I have decided on getting the cards printed, with a full photo on the front, and just slightly bigger - so glad I have, the pictures look more alive with strong vivid colours. Have had lots of folding and packing! To stay green, I have moved away from cello bags for my cards, and now using a starch based biodegradable clear sleeve. Using no product would be ideal, but to keep the cards in good condition during transport to and from the fairs, in and out of storage boxes, I do need a product over the card.

Taking pictures of the cards I needed somewhere to take them - on some drawers, a camera - phone in this case, a pile of cards and as it happened some sticky tape. But, it got the required results!

These cards are now available to order, please get in touch! You will also find them at the fairs once they start up again.

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