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Someone say wedding?

So it's not all about the photos and the cards......sometime ago after seeing my posts on Facebook, a friend asked if I could do some wedding invites for her- and she was so thankful for them. She loved the handmade personal touch.

There is no fancy technology, no fancy printing - just my laptop, my home printers, some creative ideas, and my patience. Being made by hand, it's noted to my customers, that there might be some slight imperfections, and they will not all be identical. After all, I am not a machine or robot, humans are not perfect! But, by giving this personal touch, and working with my customers, they are getting exactly what they want.

Have since completed some further orders, including some wedding invites and order of services, both well liked by the customers.

Currently working on some further order of service, and a table planner. As I work through a job, I always keep the customer up to date with progress. This is through emailing of pictures, or PDF proofs, or even using mocks and spending time with the customer.

So if you are in need of some wedding stationery, or even for any other occasion, get in touch! Happy Wedding! Happy Party!

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