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Winning Photos!

I am far from being a professional photographer, but as a hobby, its great fun! Always picking up new hints'n'tips from members of the local camera club.

There has been a local monthly competition running for the last few months here in Malvern, hosted by The Friends of Priory Park. Submit up to to three photos that have been taken in the park during the month. My first entries were in March, and one of my photos was a runner up.

'The Gate' - runner up

Which I was pretty pleased with, but only to be bettered, when one of my April entries was the winning photo! And this is what was said: 'that the reflections, light and different materials, plants and trees makes me feel like I’m actually there at the pond edge enjoying a tranquil few minutes in my day to gaze across the park.’

'The Upper Pond'

As well, these winning photos, I have had some success in the competitions throughout the 2020/21 season with the local camera club too - Beacon Camera Club. Here are some of the winning photos - a mix of first place, through to Highly Commended.

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