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The JUST A CARD campaign was created by Sarah Hamilton, an artist & designer. It’s aim is to encourage people to buy from designer/makers/crafters and Independent galleries and shops, by reinforcing the message that all purchases, however small, even ‘just a card’ are so vital to a small business.

Even as a crafter, just doing the monthly fairs, I hear all sorts of comments, both good and bad – all part of retailing. But, of those who compliment, or pick up products saying it would be ideal for a family member or friend, only to put it back, were to make a purchase of ‘just a card’ it goes along way to cover costs.

When looking at those also following this campaign, the stories are all so similar – for further information on this campaign check out www.justacard.org. Support and follow on Instagram and Facebook.

Spread the word! Support local! Support Independents! Find that different gift this Christmas.

Please join JUST A CARD to encourage people to shop independent this Christmas, with their 'Indie Week 19th - 23rd November.

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